Lotus Lodge was consecrated on November 26, 1976 at Company Path, Georgetown.


The founders were:


            W. Bro. Amarnath Muneshwer                  Worshipful Master

            W. Bro. Deowkarran Saywack                   Senior Warden

            W. Bro. Mohammed R Haniff                    Junior Warden

            W. Bro. E B Hasnudeen                              Chaplain

            W. Bro. F C Veerasammy                           Treasurer

            W. Bro. Lal Bahadur Singh                         Secretary

            W. Bro. Dr. Mohammad M Haniff             Director of Ceremonies      

            Br. P. C. B Persaud                                       Senior Decon

            W. Bro. Cecil Khurdan                                Junior Decon

            W. Bro. P A Taylor PAGDC                       DG Secretary/Almoner

            Bro. Dharamdeo Sawh                                Inner Guard

            W. Bro. P P Dial                                           Steward

            Bro. Yesu Persaud                                       Steward

            Bro. Darshanand                                          Steward

            Bro. Rafiq Ahmad Khan                              Tyler


Mount Everest Lodge had grown to a position where it was felt necessary to have a new lodge to accommodate the overflow and encourage the progress of newer Masons. Thus Lotus Lodge was founded.


The Lodge banner depicts Mount Everest in the background indicating its parentage, and a large deep-pink lotus in the foreground. The motto of the lodge is “Truth, Light, Immortality.”


The lodge employs the Sussex Ritual, and meets on the third Wednesday of every month except February, May, August and November.