An Update on District Grand Charity Trust – March 13th 2010


Members of the Trust met on Friday February 5th 2010. The Financial situation of the District was reviewed. The principal source of funds is the receipts from fund-raising activities of the District Grand Charity and dues from the Lodges. The Trustees, through the District Grand Charity and the District Board of Benevolence, are committed to discharge their responsibilities to deserving causes in the wider community and to the Brethren and their families who may be in need. To this end the sum of $1,000,000 had been approved for donation to ten Charities. These presentations were made in February 2010. As opposed to the previous year, the presentation to a Charity based in Berbice was made at the Masonic Hall in Ferry Street New Amsterdam by the Asst. Dist. Grand Master. In future, presentations to identified Charities in Berbice and Linden will be made at their respective Temples. The Trustees are of the view that this will contribute to the positive visibility of Freemasonry in those communities.  The Trustees have now assumed full responsibility for oversight of expenditure on District Administration for Freemasons’ Hall Company Path, including the Fire Insurance previously paid by Union Lodge. The Trustees have also undertaken to give meaningful support to the maintenance and preservation of the other Masonic buildings in the District.


Estimates for essential repairs to Masonic buildings have been received as follows:


Masonic Hall (Carmichael Street, Georgetown)                            $    897,188.00

Masonic Hall (Ferry St, New Amsterdam)                          $ 3,487,129.00

Masonic Hall (Kara Kara, Linden)                                                  $ 2,220,000.00


Following meetings with the Brethren of Ituni, Phoenix and Kara Kara Lodges, it has been agreed that this work will be progressed in phases. The Trust will provide grants for the sum of $731,000 for initial work on the Eastern wing of the Masonic Hall, Ferry Street, New Amsterdam and $650,000 for the commencement of works to Masonic Hall, Kara Kara, Linden. The most critical sections of this building are the front and north-western walls.  A discussion with representatives of Mount Olive Lodge will be held early in April 2010, to determine the priorities for that Masonic Hall. It is anticipated that there will be significant progress towards these goals in 2010


All the Lodges involved appreciate that they will be required to make their own efforts to raise funds to effect the realisation of these projects in full. To this end the Trustees will continue to work with the Committees responsible for these Buildings to ascertain  how soon their individual efforts can be expected to achieve these objectives.


The project to modernise and rehabilitate the District Grand Lodge Building – Freemasons’ Hall will commence in earnest in 2010. The plan is for the construction of a concrete structure. The estimated cost is presently $53,000,000. Given the reported recognition of the building by the National Trust for its historical significance, the extent to which particular architectural features need to be preserved will have to be ascertained. This substantial sum required will be raised by a combination of fund raising and investments within Guyana and abroad. A committee has been established to prepare an “Investment Prospectus” to attract likely donors.  This Prospectus will provide information on the Historical significance of the Building, the contribution of Freemasonry to society and the plans for utilisation of the new building. The Committee comprises:


W Bro Colin Kirton                            -                                   Convenor 

W Bro Paul Carto

W Bro Keith Evelyn

    Bro Carlton James

W Bro Rawle Jordan                                                           


The Trustees have also considered the resuscitation of a previous effort by the District to support education by the creation of a fund for a deserving final year student at the University of Guyana. This project has not progressed as may have been expected but remains an important and worthy objective and will require greater effort and commitment. The Trustees are actively pursuing the  introduction of a Masonic Benevolent or Provident Fund for Freemasons in Guyana, which could include provision and support for widows and dependents of Freemasons, as well as a Group Medical Insurance Scheme (Family Benefit Unit) for Masons. The proposal has stimulated interest by members of the main Masonic Districts and a Working group convened by the President of the Dist.

B of B,  comprising of representatives of the Dist G Lodge (SC) and Dist G Lodge (EC) and including a Trustee, has been established to recommend an appropriate focus for Freemasons in Guyana.




Presented by:  W Bro Doodnauth Persaud, PGJD, DDistGM

March 20, 2010.