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 Report of the District Board of General Purposes to the Annual Communication of District Grand Lodge of Guyana


Saturday, March 19th, 2011


Since the Half Yearly Communication of September 11th 2010,The Board met  on Thursday December 16th   2010 and on Saturday February 12th  2011.Sub-Committees of Board Members also continued to meet in support of Lodges and also to deal with administrative matters.



 The Board on behalf of all Freemasons in the constituent lodges of the District regrets the passing to Grand Lodge Above of W Bro Ewart Neil Malcolm Isaacs, PDist G Supt Wks and PM of Concord Lodge No 3508 and W Bro Jang Bahadur Singh PM of Mount Everest Lodge No 5868 and Klubba Lodge No 9103.

The Board also regrets the passing of Bro Neville Oscar A Browne RW Dist GM of Guyana SC and extends condolences to his family and our Brethren of the Dist G Lodge of Guyana SC.


Freemasons Hall and other Buildings

It is regretted that the prospectus for reconstruction of the Company Path building has not been completed. This unfortunate circumstance has resulted in a further delay in the major fundraising effort in support of this project. However it is readily apparent to all Brethren that major infrastructural work is very urgently required if this Building is to fulfil its function as the headquarters of Freemasonry in Guyana. The Trustees of District Grand Lodge have set themselves the objective to present to the Board and to the District within the next 3 months, a comprehensive plan for the layout, design and construction programme for the envisaged building on this site. It is also anticipated that the sources of financing will have been identified and a firm date set for commencement of the programme of work. The Trustees will have to seriously consider whether the step of identifying temporary alternative accommodation for Masonic activities currently conducted in this building so that the reconstruction programme can commence in earnest, should be an immediate objective. None of this will be possible without the active involvement of the Lodges of the District and the support of the Brethren. The Board and Trustees look forward to the ideas and generous contributions of all.


 The Board is gratified from the accounting reports on the $ 2,000,000 grant from the Trust Funds for maintenance work on the three other Masonic Temples. Both Mount Olive and Ituni Lodges have made effective use of the funds in supporting their own rehabilitation efforts. The reports from Kara Kara Lodge also indicated significant progress with the repairs to that Temple. All recipient Lodges are fully appreciative that these grants have been made to complement their own fund-raising and physical involvement. 


Financial Matters

The Financial position of the District at December 31stt 2010 was $15,139,297distributed among the various Funds as follows: General Fund- $ 791,913, Benevolent Fund - $ 2,740,249. Charity Fund - $ 10,965,703 and Dist G Chapter $ 641,432. The expenditure on routine administration of the District was $1,006,795 well within the budget of $ 1,251,000.


All lodges have satisfied their Obligations to United Grand Lodge for 2009. The Annual Returns for the year ended December 31st 2010 were received from United Grand Lodge and sent to Lodges. At the time of writing this report, three Lodges have completed these Returns and submitted their remittances.  Unfortunately, four Lodges  have not  fulfilled commitments to District Grand Lodge for 2009. The indebtedness is $ 316,000.   Three of this group also remain indebted to District Grand for accumulated arrears of $ 95,000 for  2008, while two Lodges are indebted to the District for United Grand Lodge dues advance on their behalf for 2008 and 2009. The indebtedness stands at $ 210,015. There is some evidence that these lodges are making tangible efforts to settle their indebtedness and to maintain their viability. The Board will continue to support lodges in this situation in their efforts to find the means to sustain their existence. .

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Other Matters The Board congratulates W Bro Bro C N Murray and W Bro A Muneshwer on their Award of recognition for over 50 years of dedicated service to Freemasonry that they will be presented by the RW Dist GM this evening. The Board also congratulates the other Brethren who will also receive formal recognition for their service to their Lodges and to the District.


The Board continues to work with the District Board of Benevolence towards to the launching of a Masonic Benevolent/ Charitable Scheme. There has been steady progress in this regard and the draft of a formal document outlining the objectives of the scheme is in the final stages of preparation.  This scheme will incorporate ideas from similar schemes established in the Districts of Jamaica, Trinidad and the Eastern Caribbean. It will be open to masons from all Jurisdictions.


 Concord Lodge (No 3508) has entered its centenary year and will receive its Centenary Warrant in 2012. The Lodge has commenced its planning for a programme of events that will lead to a memorable period. Roraima Lodge (No 3902) will be the next in the District to attain that distinction in 2019. Union (No 247) and Mt Olive (No 385) Lodges will each also celebrate the 200th year anniversary of their consecration in 2013 and 2017 respectively. These are all very significant historical events for Freemasonry in Guyana and the Caribbean. It goes without saying that the District, through the Board, will provide whatever support that may be required to the brethren of these Lodges.   


Lodges are again reminded that they are required to submit completed Registration Forms for new members on their Initiation as well as to make subsequent applications Grand Lodge Certificates as soon as these members have been Passed and Raised. Although there has been improvement in the registration of brethren, there are still relatively senior brethren within some Lodges for whom registration forms are still to be submitted.


I wish thank the Vice President and all members who have served with me on the District Board during my tenure as President. Their support has been of particular importance during the recently completed year when circumstance have forced me to be absent from the jurisdiction for extended periods.



Reading of the Report

It is requested that this Report be read in every Lodge of the District at the first meeting of the Lodge after the Annual Communication of District Grand Lodge on the 19th of March 2011 so that every brother may be aware of its contents. The text of the report will also be posted on the website


Dr Harold B Davis


March 19th 2011