District Grand Chapter of Guyana

Under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Grand Chapter of England


E. Comp Richard B Fields SC                                                                                             FREEMASONS’ HALL

        M E Grand Superintendent                                                                                                                   Company Path


E. Comp Doodnauth Persaud PAGSoj

      Deputy Grand Superintendent


E. Comp Lal B Singh AA PAGDC

       Second District Grand Principal



E. Comp Henry G Rebeiro PAGDC

       Third District Grand Principal                                             Inaugurated on 9th July 1977                                                                                                                                                                 E Comp Ivor E. O’Brien MS

                                                                                                                                                                                    District     Grand Scribe E.




19th March 2011.


 Report of the District Committee of General Purposes to the

               Annual Convocation of District Grand Chapter 19th March 2011.





Following the Half Yearly of September 11th 2011, the Committee met on Thursday December 16th 2010 and on Saturday February 12th 2011. E Comp Noel L Holder was elected Vice-President at the July 10th Meeting.



 The Committee regrets the passing of E Comp Ewart Neil Malcolm Isaacs PDistGSE and PZ of Concord Chapter No 3508 and E Comp Jang Bahadur Singh PZ of Mt Everest Chapter No. 5868.

The Committee also notes with regret the passing of Comp Neville Oscar A Browne Dist G Supervisor of Dist G Chapter SC.



The Accounts of District Grand Chapter at December 31st 2010 indicated a Balance of $ 641, 432.  One Chapter is indebted to District Grand Chapter for dues to  the end of 2009.The extent of the indebtedness is $ 29,000. This is considered only a temporary situation and it is anticipated that the outstanding dues will be settled at an early date in 2011...


Administrative Matters

 All Chapters have completed and submitted Returns for 2009. Annual Returns for 2010 have been received. Five of the nine Chapters have completed and submitted these returns to the District G Scribe E.


Following the approval from the Committee, an Order has been placed for the replacement of the Three Principals’ Robes. These should have arrived in time for the Annual Convocation. This acquisition will enable the retirement of the robes used in Chapter Meetings that have become worn and threadbare.


The Committee reminds Chapters to make timely submission of Registration forms and applications for Supreme Grand Chapter Certificates. Since the end of August 2010, five Registration forms have been received and five Grand Chapter Certificates issued in the District.


 District Officers and members of the Committee are reminded of their commitment to support the work of the constituent Chapters and to promote growth and sustained interest in Royal Arch Masonry in the District, by their attendance in significant numbers at meeting of Chapters. Chapters are also reminded of By-Law 15 of District Grand Chapter of Guyana which calls on the First Principal of every Chapter in the District to cause to be sent to the Grand Superintendent, the Deputy Grand Superintendent, the Second and Third District Grand Principals and the District Grand Scribe E, a copy of the summons of every regular and emergency Convocation of the Chapter at the same time it is sent to the members.



Reading of report

It is requested that this report be read in every Chapter in the District at the first meeting of the Chapter after the District Convocation of District Grand Chapter, so that every Companion will be fully aware of its contents.


    Dr H B Davis

President of the Committee

     March 19th 2011